The Thrill of the Ride: Exploring the World’s Most Scenic Motorcycle Routes

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Traveling through the world’s most scenic routes on a motorcycle is a thrilling experience and getting to know impressive destinations is a must for every motorcyclist. The freedom of exploring fascinating routes on two wheels just offers an experience that can’t be rivaled. The countless different roads, the incredible outdoor terrains, and the immersive experience are every biker’s dream. Here, we’ll explore six of the world’s most scenic motorcycle routes every biker wants to ride.

San Bernardino Pass, Switzerland

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Photo by Michael Lammli on Unsplash

San Bernardino Pass is a route located on the eastern side of the Western Alps of Switzerland. It’s a high mountain pass with the most elevated point being 6,778 feet above sea level. In 1967, a four-mile tunnel beneath the pass was opened, improving traffic flow and decreasing the amount of vehicles on the pass. San Bernardino Pass is about 30 miles long and the route offers plenty of curves and bends to test both your bike and stamina. The route begins with a wide incline where it passes through some small villages and there’s an impressive lake with plenty of natural scenery at the summit.

Route 66, USA

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Route 66 is a route that was overcome by the interstate system and decommissioned in 1985. However, a considerably large section is still paved and remains rideable. It is 2,448 miles long and the western end of the transport route is located in Santa Monica, California. It covers 315 miles through the state of California and extends through Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois.

Route 66 was one of the first highways in the US Numbered Highway System and is among the most well-known highways in the United States. Although this highway may not be the most challenging road from a technical point, it is one of the most fascinating routes.

It’s like a journey through time with some amazing sights. Because of this, it’s usually best to give yourself about two weeks to ride Route 66 so you have enough time to see everything. Although most of the road is smooth tarmac, there are the occasional bumps, cracks, and potholes, so plan where to get new motorcycle parts if you have any problems with your bike.

Tail of the Dragon, North Carolina

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Photo by Leslie Cross on Unsplash

Bordering the Little Tennessee River and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a mountain pass called Deals Gap. The pass is most popular with bikers because of the stretch of road known as the Tail of the Dragon. Wheelie Hell, Gravity Cavity, and Hog Pen Bend are some of the renowned 318 curves that exist along this 11-mile road length.

In North Carolina, the stretch of road is called Tapoco Road which runs into Calderwood Highway in Tennessee. There is no development along the Tail of the Dragon because a section of the road borders the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. As a result, driveways or intersecting roads don’t interfere with your ride as there aren’t any other vehicles that can pull out in front of you. You can therefore enjoy this particular safety aspect along the route. Most of the journey consists of forests and scenic viewpoints.

Needles Highway, South Dakota

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Photo by Rod M on Unsplash

Needles Highway makes up the northern 14 miles of South Dakota Highway 87. Its name comes from the tall granite needles that range across the skyline that it passes through. It has natural tunnel formations along the route known as Needles Eye Tunnel, Iron Creek Tunnel, and Hood Tunnel. The highway is surrounded by rocky mountains and pine forests. The journey takes up to an hour as the road is winding, with incredible scenic views. Take time to enjoy the route safely!

Trollstigen, Norway

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Photo by Ivars Utinans on Unsplash

Known in English as the Troll’s Path, Trollstigen is a mountain pass in Norway that has a steep incline with various hairpin bends. This route is a genuine paradise for motorcyclists looking for the excitement of exhilarating twists and breathtaking scenery. The winding roads and sharp bends of Troll’s Path demand a high level of skill and exact precision. Once you reach the top of the pass at 2,300 feet, there’s a parking area with viewpoints that overlook the mountain route and Stigfossen waterfall.

The Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland

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Photo by Sean Kuriyan on Unsplash

While many of the most thrilling motorcycle routes are through high mountain passes, some of the most immersing rides are based on low-lying land. The Wild Atlantic Way is one of these riding routes that stretches more than 1,500 miles, making it the longest coastal route in the world. The route is surrounded by ascending cliffs and bustling towns to visit along the way.

In Conclusion

The six thrilling motorcycle routes explored in this article are some of the most unique, thrilling, and enjoyable rides in the world. Make the most of these routes and see the fascinating scenery on two wheels. Once you’ve planned your trip, all you need to do is enjoy the ride and mark these fascinating destinations off your wish list.

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